Canada, A People's History Questions Video 1-5 (in worksheet format)

I have created questions to reinforce learning from Canada, A People's History. The topics below apply to Canada up to the War of 1812. 

I encourage you to get a hold of the Canada, A People's History Teacher Resource, if you can, as there are many more questions there. If you are from HCOS, it is available in our L4U Library here
Video #1-1, #1-2, #1-3  (these are in a longer format)
Video #2
Video #3
Video #4
Video #5

These resources are excellent for adding mapping into your studies. These are the available resources for grades 10-12.

For details about the timing of each episode you can refer to this PDF. This will help you if you want to watch only the sections needed in the lessons.

The Canada, A People’s History website can be found here. There are teacher’s resources available as well as games and puzzles for the videos.

Canada, A People’s History is often available on YouTube - it is worth trying there first to get a hold of the videos. Many public libraries have them, and I think they are worth the investment to purchase them. 

This Booklist would be a great asset as you plan your study of Canadian History. This outline would also be very helpful in planning units, including historical fiction.

I will be posting each episode from 6-11 (from after the War of 1812 - just prior to WW #1) in the new school year as we use the questions for a Google Hangout class.