Friday, October 17, 2014

Movies as Literature - Gods and Generals

This morning was our next Movies as Literature session and we were discussing Gods and Generals which is about the US Civil War. This was a 6 hour mini-series which some of the students watched. We watched the movie version that was a little over 2 hours. Anyway that you watched it, it was very heavy! 
I wouldn't say that it was our student's favourite, but there was lots to discuss!
There were quotes and poetry within the movie so it was great for the students to look at these elements of literature. There were many verses as well as biblical application. Many situations in the movie, I felt, led to moral dilemmas, exploring irony and lots of critical thinking. These students really were able to really think about the implications of their opinions and how it applied to today.
I continue to be challenged by this group of students! 
Here are the questions for Gods and Generals for you to use with your Movies as Literature class.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fetal Pig Dissection

For the past two days Elizabeth has had the benefit of taking part in a fetal pig dissection. Though this, for me as I remember, happened in Grade 12 Biology class it was a "carpe diem" kind of choice to go and be part of the class. 

The instructor, a retired 30 year Biology teacher, guided the students through the process of dissection and examining the parts of the fetal pig. They had alot of freedom to explore over the two days, but it was rushed to learn about all of the parts of the pig and each section of the dissection process. 

Some of the students were adding on a third day, which would have been great, but we had to head home. 

It was great to see Elizabeth and her lab partners work together on this project. It became Dr. Jonah and Nurse Elizabeth forging ahead with their patient "Leonard". 
I think they all learned alot about anatomy from this, as well as many of the processes and skills that this type of lab work provides. It was a great opportunity and well worth the drive!!

Movies as Literature - Amazing Grace

We had another great session in our Movies as Literature class. I think that though slavery was a topic these students knew about, many didn't have the emotional connection to the plight of the slaves until they studied this movie. 
I think that learning about William Wilberforce was inspiring, not only because of his fight for abolition, but also his fight with his illness, with his addiction to laudanum and his fight to be the man that God was calling him to be.
This was a great movie for discussion! Here are the questions that we used.

Immigration - A great start to our Co-op year!

Our first Co-op this year started a new chapter with the addition of Biblical Hermeneutics. For the first hour of the morning we had the benefit of a wonderful pastor teaching our children about Hermeneutics. It is pretty deep first thing for these teens but it will be such a great addition to our day!

This Co-op centered around Immigration in Canada. Each of the students told a story about how their ancestors came to Canada.  For this session the students were asked to be prepared to answer:
Who had come? (how many generations ago?)
Why had they come?
Where had they come from?

The students ended up hearing immigration stories from many different generations, countries and reasons for coming to Canada. I think this was such a visual representation of diversity in this relatively small sample of BC. 

After lunch, the students learned about Picasso and started on their Picasso-like self portrait collages. As always our art instructor sets up the lesson with the life of the artist and facts about the art that our students will be creating. There is always a lively lesson with one so gifted in art and drama!

Then the students "went to town"! Such a great lesson and lots of opportunity for creativity!!
After art it was off to the ball diamond for a great game of softball to finish off a full, but very fun day!!